What is so significant that I named my site number 11 studios?

         I am the last of 11 children

         I was born in November

         My wife was born in November

         I was married in November

         Our baby might be born in November.

We are awaiting the arrival of our first child on October 28th and we can't be more excited.

What you will see here will evolve over time. Currently it is just my photography...due to the exciting arrival soon. Eventually I will have a blog to share what is going on with my family.

One of my other hobbies is crafting, especially with my wife. She is an incredibly talented, crafty and creative person. She has made many people happy with her handmade greeting cards, party invitations, and wedding invitations (including our own). Over time I will be producing handmade picture frames of varying types. I will be making frames that suit not only my photos, but yours as well.

Please stay tuned!